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Thank you for visiting! We ensure you that this season will be fun and rewarding for all.  We hope to work closely with ALL participants and their parents in order to establish a successful POP WARNER program in the community.

The Brawley Pop Warner (BPW) program is dedicated to youth participation and with the help of parents and volunteers we can instill strong values such as; teamwork, dedication, leadership and discipline in our children.   With values such as these we hope our children will grow up to become positive influences in the community and in their schools.

BPW encourages you to get involved and support the new board and program.  The new board will need your patience, cooperation, and support more than ever as they try to coordinate and plan an effective season for all those involved.

With everyone’s support, confidence, positive attitude, patience,  our parents and community keep this program on track.  Please ask how you can help and get involved!

Again, thank you for supporting the BPW program. Questions? Please ask! We encourage you to speak up and be heard (760) 550-0183.

*Note: As of January 2016 the BPW account balance is $12,000.

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2016 Season